Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Brophy Canyon to Cache Creek Ridge Trip Report

Unseasonably cool weather was the order of the day, as 17 of our intrepid hikers opted to go the full route. This meant they had to brave two creek crossings, moo-cows, moo-cow-patties, unbridled scenery, and spending the day with me. Adventurous lot!

We parked at the pull-out at the mouth of Brophy Canyon, off of Highway 16, and began our trek down to Bear Creek, where we would have to cross. Sam brought the plank-o-matic, which is only version 1.0b, Douglas fir edition. Unfortunately, the plank wasn’t long enough to reach across the creek, so we opted to wade across, with some removing shoes and others deciding that wet shoes wouldn’t be a big deal. I was with the former.

We began our ascent out of Brophy Canyon, enjoying the views of Cortina Ridge. It was one of those blue-sky-big-fluffy-clouds days, so we got some great pictures. Visibility was excellent and the air was clear. We hiked our way up past the cows grazing, said our obligatory ‘moo’s’, and moooved on. Lunch was at the ruins of the old stage stop. During lunch we saw a few pieces of heavy equipment grading the trail/farm road, as well as carrying out some car bodies and other trash left over by the previous owners. We gave a healthy round of applause. They didn’t notice.

Then we were off to Cortina Ridge, where we finally saw Cache Creek and enjoyed our views of it the rest of the way back down to Bear Creek. A quick car shuttle and we were back at the trailhead.

Fabulous time!

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