Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lynch Canyon to Cache Creek Ridge hike

The final hike of our 2005-2006 season was a long one. Our ten-mile hike progressed through the oak woodlands of the Cache Creek Natural area, starting at Lynch Canyon off of Highway 20, heading through the heart of the Bear Creek Unit, past the Roadkill Café, and up the Dunfield Springs cutoff, to intersect with Cache Creek Ridge. From Cache Creek Ridge we headed southeast to Bear Creek.

I’d never taken the Dunfield Spring Cutoff before, so I was interested in seeing this route. It was fantastic, as expected, and provides a great way to get to Cache Creek Ridge from the valley at the end of Lynch Canyon.

The weather was fabulous, with temperatures in the 70’s until after lunch. It’s been a real mild summer, thus far.

This concluded our hiking season, but expect updates on Cache Creek kayaking this summer.

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