Monday, May 22, 2006

Finally got a flashlight I will use

Though for ultralight backpacking purposes, a tiny coin-cell LED light is preferred, I also like this one. You can find numerous sellers on Ebay. Don't pay over $8 total, including shipping. Search for 'Squeeze light'.

Here's the problem: Most of the time when you own a flashlight, you use it for a while and then the batteries die. Ok, sure, you can get rechargables, but that means you need to plan ahead before a trip. I'm usually just making sure I have food.

So with this one, you squeeze the dynamo to charge a capacitor (some have onboard batteries which are recharged by the dynamo) which then gives you power to run the light. You never have to worry about batteries again. Perfect.

Reviews of the 'shake lights' were poor, but these dynamo lights really work. I bought a few for camping and for home use. Since my kids like to play with flashlights, this solves the battery problem for them as well. They've also learned to squeeze it....

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