Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What kayaks to buy?

I know this blog has been pretty gear-focused of late, but this time of year I always get the request as to what types of things to get for backpacking/boating/general recreation.

Since it's now kayaking season on Cache Creek (and yes, I've already gone this year), people often ask what boat I have. Those who know me know I like good gear, but also like inexpensive gear. Why pay more than you have to for the same amount of fun?

My boat is the good-old Sevylor K79SB, aka. Orange Torpedo, or as I call it, the Disposaboat. It's a self-bailing version of the classic Sevylor 'Tahiti', originally made for Orange Torpedo raft trips; a company that runs whitewater tours in the pacific northwest. The boats go for under $150, and have plenty of room for you and your gear, especially on overnight trips. Despite what they say, they do not work with 2 people. I've tried it. It's not great.
But, for one person, these boats can't be beat at their price point.

Another good, relatively inexpensive boat is the Aire 'Tomcat'. A two-person version of this will run about $399, lightly used at That's the best price I've seen.

Whatever boat you choose, remember you life vest. In Yolo County, it's a County ordinance that you wear one while boating.

The image above is from last Wednesday, on my Orange Torpedo on Cache Creek.


brthomas said...

Inflatable kayaks are great for whitewater river boating. Plastic kayaks require a little more skill to paddle, but provide higher performance.

Lets get together on a Cache Creek trip. Now that the rains have finally started do you think that the Wilderness Run will get up to a boatable flow this year?

BRT Kayaking

The Truth said...

I finally bought my first Sevylor
so im ready to test the waters out , but im so scared !