Monday, December 08, 2008

Congressman Mike Thompson Should Be Secretary Of Interior

Mike Thompson is my Congressman. He became my Congressman when Davis was added to District 1, but his environmental record is what makes him MY Congressman, regardless of in what District I happen to live in the future. I guess that makes him my Congressman-for-life. Why? Because Mike fought for the Cache Creek Wilderness.

The Cache Creek Wilderness is one of my most favorite places on Earth. It's no understatement. It's fantastic and Mike protected it. He fought hard for it, he battled Richard Pombo to get a hearing in committee so it could get moved to the House to get voted on. He got the bill protecting Cache Creek signed by President Bush, which is no small feat considering Bush's dismal record on Wilderness issues. He spent years pushing the bill through, with a tireless resolve.

He's a hunter. He camps. He backpacks. So does his family. He knows what it means to be on the land, to be part of the land, and how to protect the land. He's smart, pragmatic, and gets things done.

Mike has given me, my children, and all those that come after us the greatest gift you can imagine; protected wild land for us to enjoy in perpetuity. That's the kind of person we need at the Interior Department.

He's my Congressman. He should be Secretary of Interior.

Protected, thanks to Mike!

Falls on Trout Creek, protected, thanks to Mike!

Andrew Fulks

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