Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gear Review - Ka-bar hobo classic knife combo

I'd been wanting an all-in-one knife/fork/spoon combo for a while. I used to have a cheap plastic one when I was a kid, so I got to thinking about how I'd like one when camping now. So, I started searching around online for something. A few companies make different kinds, and Ka-bar makes several 'hobo' versions. The classic version is the best, in my opinion. It comes apart, so you can use the fork, knife, and spoon separately. There is another version that does not detach each item, but in my opinion, it's best to be able to use each utensil separately.

I found mine for a good price on ebay. It comes with a sheath, and is stainless steel. A great way to replace all your separate eating utensils.
Andrew Fulks

Saturday, January 26, 2008

1-26-08 Trip Report, Pierce Canyon Falls, Road 53

I had planned on leading a hike up to the Otis Ranch today, but the weather had been so bad the night before, Road 16 was closed at Rumsey. This would have meant we would have had to hike a few extra miles. Ordinarily that's not a problem, but while standing there in the Post Office parking lot in Guinda, we realized this would be the perfect time to hike Road 53, to see the falls. We guessed they must be running, and were they ever!

On the way up, there were still patches of snow. The snow had been so heavy, numerous tree branches had broken off, under the weight.

On the drive to the trailhead, Road 31, among others, was flooded.

The creek on the hike up was roaring.

The falls looked great. Lots of flow.

A wider view of the falls, with the side channel on the right.

Video of the falls.

Andrew Fulks

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow in the Yolo Mountains

Oh, boy, I wish I wasn't working and could have gone up to Rumsey or the Ireland Ranch. I was doing work near Winters, and stopped to take these shots. There must have been at least 6 inches in the mountains further up towards Rumsey...(BTW, I was using a high zoom to get this close).

Andrew Fulks

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Otis Ranch Hike Map Now Up

I've added Yolo County's Otis Ranch hike to the trails available on the website. It's a great hike with views of the Capay Valley and Rumsey. The Capay Valley Hiking Club will be doing this hike on January 26th.

Andrew Fulks

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rain Means Waterfalls

I could have done without the power outages and general landscaping damage, but it was nice to have some rain to replenish the creeks. When we get enough rain that it starts to run off the hills, we can enjoy visits to two of our local waterfalls.

The first is the Zim Zim falls, in Napa County on DFG's Napa Ranch. This waterfall is over 100-feet high, and roars between a notch of rock into the Zim Zim valley. Last year's meager rainfall didn't get this waterfall really going, so I'm hoping for better things this year. This fall drains a large valley, so if it gets going, it usually lasts through spring as a pretty big flow.

The second is the Pierce Canyon falls, in Yolo County. This waterfall is viewable from a public dirt road (Road 53) that leads out of Guinda, and only runs once Casey Flats begins draining water. This fall is best after a heavy storm, so be sure to time your hike accordingly. I've seen it roaring and I've seen it as a trickle. Dave Pratt has the best photo of it, which I've posted below. He loves this hike and is great about timing it.