Monday, March 03, 2008

Gear Review - Zodi Outback Portable Hot Shower

Granted, this is a total luxury. But, if you are car-camping with your family for more than a day, and you have kids that think dirt is the best playground ever invented, this thing is for you.

There are several models of this heater available. Some have dual burners, a soft case instead of a hard case, and some are industrial in size to use a larger propane tank.

Prices vary as well, but a basic model at Wal Mart is about $100. You can also find the occasional used model (as I did) on Ebay for about half that.
So, how does it work? It is actually so simple that I'm surprised it hasn't been made before. It's just a propane burner, with a copper coil wrapped around it. A small 6v pump pushes water through the coils, heating it before it comes out the shower head. If you want the water to be hotter, just put the shower head into the water source and let it cycle through again. The container that holds everything also doubles as a water source and stand for the propane container.
This is a really great product. Made in the USA, and built rock-solid. The body is all metal, and the pump, battery case, and container/water box are all very rugged. If you car camp and want the luxury of a hot shower, this is the gear for you.

Andrew Fulks

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