Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ireland Ranch Acquisition, other news

In case you haven't heard, Tuleyome acquired the Ireland Ranch in western Yolo County. This 640-acre ranch abuts the 9,100-acre BLM public lands along Blue Ridge. It has long been a personal goal of mine to have public access to the public lands, so this is welcome news that our organization has been successful. You can see the full press release at the Tuleyome webpage.

Volunteers needed. Tuleyome is getting our volunteer program going. If you'd like to be a docent on the new ranch, leading hikes and such, please let our executive director, Debra Chase, know. If you have a 4x4, even better, as they are needed to get to the property. It's fabulous up there, and presents lots of opportunity for hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing. I was there yesterday and saw a wild boar and bald eagle. Amazing.

Another volunteer opportunity is to help lead outings with the Capay Valley Hiking Club. Sam and I have been the only ones doing it for years, and that isn't sustainable forever. In order for the program to grow, we need you help. Have a favorite hike and are willing to show up to lead people? We need you!

I'm busy leading the charge on developing tee management plan with our sub-committee, for the Ireland Ranch. So much to consider, including recreation access and wildlife protection, and how best to manage the both. We have a solemn responsibility to preserve the land, and I'm honored the Irelands sold to us.

Lastly, be sure to come out to the Cache Creek celebration September 16th! Details at

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