Monday, April 03, 2006

Lightweight (free) Walking Stick

Everyone is using walking sticks these days. Lots of the hikers have them on our hikes, and they do make it easier to cross creeks. Especially those with moss-covered rocks.

I've been looking at them, but quite frankly, can't find it to spend $150 on a pair of sticks. I know, they are useful...But come on....It's $150.

So I went looking for an alternative. Some people use bamboo, but again, you either have to have a source, or you have to buy it.

So, what's like bamboo, infests all our local rivers, and is just begging for you to cut it down? That's right, arundo donax, the giant reed. It's evil, infests streams, and it's about time it got put to a beneficial use.

So, I cut off some nice stalks, let them dry, and now I have walking sticks that are extremely lightweight, flexible, but still strong, and great for walking. Even better, if they break or split, you can get some more for free.

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sam said...

Very good post on giangt reed stix!

In Europe, up until very recently, commercial walking sticks with steambent shepherd's crook handles were made of arundo donax.

If you get a read with enough of the root, a very usable handle can be fashioned.

Also, probably the best plant for biofuel, produces more biomass per acre than anything but bamboo, and grows in poor soil.