Friday, April 07, 2006

Alcohol stove

When I started getting into lightweight backpacking, one of the first items I researched was how to lighten my stove. This was a little hard, since I really love my Coleman Peak 1 Multi-fuel. It's a great design, has fabulous simmer control, and few parts. It also weighs a ton.

So then I read online about all these alcohol stoves people make themselves. If you know me, you know I love to make my own stuff, so this seemed interesting. Plus you get to play with fire, so, you know, even better, right?

The best design I found was at this link. It works fabulously. I used it on an overnighter last year with Mark Abildgaard, up on Cortina Ridge. It boiled water real quick, and the thing is super lightweight. It's become my new backpacking stove for all my trips. It's even light enough for day hiking use, if you want a hot lunch. When you buy the JB Weld and aluminum tape, you'll have enough for at least a dozen stoves. Gifts, perhaps?

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